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Eshop - VIPER MK II Skygate von CARF Models Ltd.

M: 1:3,4

Size 1: 210x162 mm cockpit vorne

Size 2: 185x152 mm cockpit hinten

Weight: 77 g

Description: Front panel: 210x162 mm, m = 77 g; rear: 185x152 mm, m = 54 g, 2 control sticks Side panels: front left LxHxW 150x42x40 mm, m = 29 g with indicator lights front right LxHxW 150x42x40 mm, m = 24 g rear left LxHxW 130x42x40 mm, m = 26 g with indicator lights rear right LxHxW 130x42x40 mm, m = 18 g We can also offer seats and sticks.

€ 449.00


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